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I’m well overdue for a blog update. But life. And work. Deadlines are approaching, and I’m grateful to have them so I’m not complaining, so this post will have to be about a few things…

What’s news from me? Something EXCITING happened.

Didn’t I Warn You was reviewed over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and they called it CRAZYSAUCE!

“This isn’t a romance for the light-hearted. It’s gritty and wild and passionate. Didn’t I Warn You will have readers falling hard and fast. It’s packed full of crazysauce – an unintentional kidnapping, international espionage and crime, and a helicopter that can deliver luxurious clothing to a yacht in the middle of the ocean.”

If you weren’t aware, I can confirm you will be able to purchase Didn’t I Warn You, in print in Australia and the United States, and also as an Audiobook!

Oh, and we are officially less than ONE MONTH to go until release! Yay!

*Hint: it’s all available for preorder…

4 weeks (1)

We revealed the beautiful Australian cover.

0516 Didnt I Warn You FC.jpg

And also the US cover for Didn’t You Promise, Book 2 in the Bad For You Series

Didn't You Promise - cover concept 111015

And I’m working on Book 3 of the Bad For You series, Don’t Lie To Me, which is expected around September 2016!




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